Lawn Care Services: The Secret to a Thriving, Weed-Free Lawn All Season Long!

A green, beautiful lawn

The secret to a luscious, thriving lawn? Professional lawn care services from Grasshopper Gardens! A well-maintained lawn will enhance the curb appeal of your home and create an environment where your grass, trees, and plants will thrive all season long. Our experienced lawn technicians provide a wide array of services to ensure that your lawn stays healthy, weed-free, and beautiful.

A healthy lawn is more than just enhancing your curb appeal. Its benefits also include reducing soil erosion and water runoff, trapping and controlling dust, cooling your outdoor space, and can increase the value of your property. So, how does our Grasshopper team keep your lawn thriving? Read about some of our lawn care services below!

Lawn Fertilization Services

Your lawn is fighting off bad weather, disease, pests, and more every single day. Fertilization services give your lawn the extra strength it needs to protect itself. Our full season weed control services include crabgrass control with pre-emergent herbicides to prevent seed germination and post emergent treatments to eliminate any weeds that pop up. Another fertilization service is grub control! Grubs are immature forms of beetles that feed on grass, causing it to die off. Grub control works to eliminate grubs from your lawn, and also prevents predators from tearing up your lawn to get to grubs. Our team can create custom fertilization programs to keep your lawn lush and weed free.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is the process of puncturing holes into your lawn to create space for air, water and nutrients to reach down to the roots of your grass. Lawn aeration helps to promote root growth, increase nutrient movement to the root, relieve soil compaction, prevent crabgrass (weed) infestation, improve drainage, increase the effectiveness of fertilizers, and more!

Bed Weed Treatment

Our bi-weekly bed treatment program works to exterminate weeds and keep your garden beds beautiful all season long. From April to August, our team will spray an organic non-selective herbicide to keep your beds weed free!

Mechanical Seeding

We believe a healthy lawn begins with quality seeding! Over seeding through the process of mechanical seeding is the most effective way to create a lush lawn and fill in any thin or bare spots you may have. Our seeding machine evenly disperses seeds and deposits them into your lawn to promote quick and healthy growth. The benefits of mechanical seeding are incredible! With our Grasshopper Gardens process, not only is your lawn minimally damaged, but seeds are dispersed at measured intervals to ensure even distribution, placed at the perfect depth for germination, and will achieve great seed to soil contact. The thicker your grass is, the less room there is for weeds to grow.

Flower Bed Landscaping

Upgrade your yard to a new oasis this season by having a beautiful landscape. Seasonal flowers provide your landscape with a fresh breath of life and vibrant colors. Our flower bed landscaping starts with proper soil preparation, weeding, sprucing up your old plants, and more! Flowers provide our pollinator friends a source of nutrients to keep your flowers thriving. Here at Grasshopper Gardens, we will make sure your gardens stay weed free and beautiful!

Learn More About our Lawn Care Services!

Our Grasshopper Gardens team provides over a dozen lawn care services to keep your lawn healthy and looking lush all season long. We make lawn care simple with our custom packages and stunning results. Visit our website to learn more about our lawn care services and to get your instance lawn service quote!