Category: Landscape Cleanup

How to Clear an Overgrown Yard in 5 Steps

Whether you’ve recently purchased a piece of property, you’re attempting to sell property, or your green thumb isn’t as green as you thought it was, there is one task that seems to loom over many: overgrown yard cleanup. It can create unnecessary stress for those involved, like where to start, what tools are needed, what…

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It’s Time for a Fall Yard Clean-Up

Without a doubt, winter weather can make a mess of your lawn, and once snow falls, there’s not much you can do about it. However, if you tidy up your landscape in the fall, it will surely make cleaning up easier once spring comes around! At Grasshopper Gardens, we offer a fall yard cleanup service…

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Fall Cleanup and Maintenance: Aeration

When prepping your yard for winter, there are several steps that need to be taken. One extremely important step is aerating your lawn. Grasshopper Gardens’ aeration services help to enhance the over-all quality and well-being of your lawn by giving it room to breathe. Some of the benefits of aerating your lawn include: Prevent the…

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