Preventing Crabgrass with Grasshopper Gardens

Crabgrass in lawn

Whether your lawn’s primary use is for entertaining the kids, or boosting the curb appeal of your business, one particular foe of an attractive lawn is crabgrass. This is an annual weed grass that, if left unattended, can overtake your landscape.

Treating Crabgrass

Crabgrass is likely to flourish in warmer temperatures, but, gets its start during the spring when lawns aren’t watered as frequently. When a lawn goes an extended period of time without being watered, it has the potential to become thin and patchy. This creates an ideal environment for the crabgrass to get the foothold that is necessary to begin flourishing. A natural defense against crabgrass is keeping your lawn healthy as well as thick. Watering your home or office’s lawn on a regular schedule ensures that the soil retains an ideal moisture level.

Ideally, spring is the best time to have our professionals get started with controlling the crabgrass that is plaguing your lawn. Then, after the initial procedure, you should have a maintenance schedule put in place so that Grasshopper Gardens is able to maintain your lawn throughout the spring and summer seasons. Allowing our experts to maintain the health of your lawn will allow you to get other things done around the home or office, it will also ensure that the health of your lawn is in knowledgeable hands. Our professionals use a variety of turf products, care treatments, and processes in order to give your lawn the manicured look it deserves while maintaining its health and integrity.

Contact Grasshopper Gardens

Whether crabgrass was an issue for you during the 2021 season, or you’ve noticed that it’s making an appearance this season, Grasshopper Gardens has the expertise to get rid of crabgrass, as well as many other nuisances, from your lawn. Our solutions are tailored to fit the unique needs of your landscape, contact our professionals today so that we can begin maintaining the health of your lawn.