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Lawn Fertilization is More Than Just Lush Green Grass

Professional fertilization programs from Grasshopper Gardens promote a vibrant lawn throughout the year. But fertilization goes beyond just ‘looking healthy’. Over time, your soil loses many of the key nutrients to keep grass looking healthy and green. The best way to keep a healthy lawn is to replenish the key nutrients with lawn fertialization. Our experienced lawn…

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Adding Water Features to Your Yard for Beauty & Serenity

A lot of us have been spending more time at home than ever before. So why not love where you live? Whether your backyard is a landscaping nirvana or just basic grass, adding a water feature can help add natural elements, textures and movement to your backyard. You just might have a renewed interest in…

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How to Plan a Vegetable Garden

There is nothing better than the taste of the first tomato from your own garden, except maybe dreaming about that first tomato, on a cold day in March. With a little bit of planning, your vegetable garden can look beautiful, while providing food for the family. Things to consider: Desired Plants It’s easy to get…

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