4 Ways to Enhance Your Winter Curb Appeal

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During the winter, front yards can sometimes start to look boring. This is holds even more truth when there is snow on the ground, as it covers any colorful and fun décor/plants you may have out! But, did you know that there are simple ways to brighten your front yard and enhance curb appeal? You don’t need to do all of them, but combining one or two with your current winter landscape can help add a positive vibe to the overall look of your home’s front yard.

Here are 4 easy ways:

  1. Add a pop of color.

    Paint your front door in a bright, rich color, such as dark red or cobalt blue. It will stand out among an all-white, snow-covered yard.

  2. Leave landscape lights up all winter.

    Leave your landscape lights up through the winter! They add just the right amount of soft light to make your yard look beautiful, while adding extra security at night by illuminating the area around the front of your home. And, again, they look gorgeous against the snow!

  3. Add a water feature.

    Water features are designed to run year-round, so they are the perfect addition to your winter landscape. The moving water gives the feeling of warmer weather – a nice change in the dead of winter!

  4. Uplight plants.

    Evergreens and even deciduous plants without leaves looks great in the winter months. Natural stone walls, pillars and seat benches are great structures for your front landscape as the look great all year, summer and winter.

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