Category: Pests

How to Protect Your Trees from Invasive Insects

Invasive insects and pests can cause significant damage to a tree’s health, and it’s incredibly important to take the necessary steps to protect your trees. The first step in protecting your trees is to understand what the warning signs are of invasion/infection, and what bugs and insects to be on the lookout for. At Grasshopper…

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Protect Yourself from Ticks While Protecting your Lawn

Insects are important to the overall environment, but, they can often times be pests. Ticks are among this list of pests. They range in size from small and difficult to spot to large and obvious. Ticks are blood-sucking insects and can cause pain, swelling, rashes or worse. Ticks often carry diseases, and if not treated,…

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Rid Your Yard of Mosquitoes with These Plants

Landscaping at home does not just involve sticking random plants into your barren front or backyard and making it look more “green.” When designing and landscaping at home, you need to invest some time, energy, and creativity into beautifying your yard — but you’ll also need to put some real thought into it. This is…

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