3 Benefits of Soil Testing

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There are many aspects to keep in mind while creating the landscape of your dreams. Arguably one of the most important steps is testing your soil. If you are unaware of your landscape’s pH or nutrient levels, it is easy to make mistakes while trying to grow plants or crops. Enlisting the help of Grasshopper Gardens experienced professionals will help ensure your landscape’s soil has the ideal pH and nutrient levels.

Benefits of Soil Testing

Testing your soil is an agronomic Best Management Practice (BMP) that is recommended by the professionals of Grasshopper Gardens which helps aid the growth and flourishment of your landscape.

  • pH Levels:

    It is vital to know what the pH level of your soil is so that way you know what nutrients will be absorbed. If the pH level is too high, or too low, some nutrients may not be available to the plant(s).

  • Macronutrient/Micronutrient Levels:

    The completed soil test will identify how much of any given nutrient is in your soil. These nutrients all play a key role in the success of your landscape and gardens. If the plants are not receiving the correct levels of macronutrients and micronutrients, it could hinder the health and growth of the plant.

  • Toxins:

    Along with the pH level, your soil should be tested for any toxins, such as chemicals from metals. If there are hazardous levels of chemicals in your soil, it could be detrimental to your landscape’s health.

Additional benefits of soil testing include:

  • pH and nutrient levels in the turf and landscape soils are monitored
  • Assists with customizing fertility programs to meet the specific needs of the landscape
  • Offers corrective action to optimize the uptake of nutrients
  • Encourages a healthy and flourishing landscape

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The proper combination of nutrients as well as an ideal pH level plays a major roll when it comes to the health and longevity of your lawn. To ensure that your lawn is receiving proper maintenance and to have your soil tested, contact Grasshopper Gardens today!