Prevent Lawn Disease with Grasshopper Gardens

preventing lawn disease

Each year residents throughout the Capital Region look forward to hosting their friends and families outside during the nice weather. Something that can quickly ruin your gathering is a lawn that has become overrun by disease. Allowing a disease to take over your lawn can cause long-term damages that can be difficult to overcome.

Avoiding Lawn Disease with Grasshopper Gardens

Maintaining a healthy growing lawn is the best way to prevent a disease outbreak. To ensure your lawn remains healthy throughout the season, it is ideal to have a Lawn Maintenance Care schedule so that our professionals can keep a close watch on your lawn. There are many ways a lawn can become susceptible to a disease including mowing frequency and how much water it receives.

A lawn that is at the recommended height will not only give your home greater curb appeal, but, it will also help defend against diseases. However, the lawn should not be mowed too frequently as this can leave the blades too short and more likely to become stressed and injured which can lead to potential diseases.

During the spring and summer of 2017 the Capital Region was hit with a substantial amount of rainfall which ultimately led to many homeowners having overwatered lawns. A lawn that is watered too much can become susceptible to lawn to diseases such as Red Thread. A lawn that is not watered as frequently as it should be can also become disease ridden. The installation of an irrigation system from Grasshopper Gardens will help keep your lawn on the ideal schedule while also allowing you to take the forecast into consideration.

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If you feel that your lawn has a health issue that needs to be dealt with, it is best to have the professionals of Grasshopper Gardens take care of it for you. From Red Thread Disease, Brown Patch, to Dollar Spot our experts have the knowledge and strategy to make your lawn healthy once again. Contact us today to keep your lawn healthy and lavish all season!