Get a Lush Lawn with Expert Fertilization Services – A Guide for the Perfect Yard!

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The key to a lush, beautiful lawn is to provide it with the care and love it needs to flourish! Having a healthy lawn means more than just a beautiful outdoor space; it can increase the value of your home and property, trap and control dust, reduce soil erosion and water runoff, and keep your outdoor living space cool! Our Grasshopper team makes having a healthy lawn easy by offering season long lawn fertilization services and customized programs that you can buy directly online!

Determine Your Lawns Needs

The first step in creating the perfect yard is to determine the specific needs of your lawn! Don’t worry if you’re not an expert in lawn care, our experienced lawn technicians will help you figure out the issues your lawn is facing, and the fertilization services or programs needed to get your lawn back to full lush health.

Keep an Eye on Your Lawn

Weeds, grubs, and critters can sneak up on your lawn and cause damage quickly so it’s important to keep a regular eye on the health of your lawn. Our top items to look out for are brown or dark patches in your lawn, an uptick in pests such as birds, skunks, racoons, or moles, and a change in the feel of your lawn to spongy instead of firm.

Grasshopper Garden Fertilization Services

Season Long Weed Control

Our lawn care technicians provide season long weed control to keep your lawn as thick and healthy as possible to limit the opportunity for weeds to grow. Weeds compete with your lawn and plants for sunlight and nutrients from the soil. This can starve your healthy grass and plants causing them to die off, leaving brown patches in your lawn.

Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass is a weed that typically springs up during the spring and summer and leaves large dead patches of grass when it dies off in the winter. Each Crabgrass plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds each season, meaning it can spread and populate on your lawn exceptionally fast! Our pre-emergent herbicides work to block seed germination and our post-emergent treatments help to eliminate any weeds that do crop up.

Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae or young form of beetles that feed on your lawn and grass as they grow. These grubs make a meal out of your grass, and in turn kill your lawn, causing dead brown patches. Not only do these grubs directly impact the health of your lawn, but they also attract predators that can tear up your lawn as well. Moles are a well-known pest that cause extreme destruction to your lawn as they search for grubs and worms to eat. Eliminating grubs with fertilization services will protect your grass and your lawn from dying off and being torn up!

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Our Grasshopper Gardens team knows how to protect your lawn and everything in it! Taking care of your landscaping is the key to keeping it healthy and looking beautiful. Our team offers season long services and the ability to purchase our services and products directly through our website. Give us a call at 518.793.9623 for a free quote or to speak to one of our experienced team members today!