Environmentally Friendly Ways to Control Bugs in Your Yard

Ladybugs on a leaf

Bugs can easily wreak havoc on an otherwise beautiful garden, sabotaging your plants and causing an eyesore for anyone trying to take in the scenery. However, many pest control methods involve using harsh chemicals to kill bugs in their tracks. These chemicals can be harmful to humans or pets, and even to other bugs that would be beneficial to have in your garden! Here are 3 eco-friendly pest control methods to try.

1. Organic Tick Control

Grasshopper Gardens has organic, environmentally friendly solutions such as Tick Free Organic Tick Control. This product was developed to effectively reduce pest damage without the use of chemicals. It also complies with EPA regulations.

This product can be applied directly on grassy areas, under shrubs, wooded areas, leafy areas, and any other shaded and moist areas.

2. Neem Oil

Neem oil is another easy eco-friendly pest control option. This is oil from the Neem tree, and it naturally controls pests by poisoning them as well as keeping them away from your plants to begin with. While toxic to harmful bugs, Neem oil won’t harm your yard or your pets. Be careful to only spray the affected plants, however, or you’ll risk driving away the beneficial bugs as well as the pests.

3. Pest-Control Plants

Some plants can act as natural eco-friendly pest control! These plants are called insectary plants, and they attract beneficial bugs that can eat the pests or otherwise keep them at bay. A few examples of insectary plants are mint, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, lavender, marigolds, petunias, and lemongrass. They’ll keep pests out of your garden and look great while doing it!

The experts at Grasshopper Gardens can help you create the perfect landscape with plants that will naturally keep pests away. You can shop the online nursery or call for more information!

Got Bugs? Call Today!

There are some pest problems that are best left to the pros. If you have bugs in your yard that your eco-friendly pest control just can’t get rid of, call Grasshopper Gardens today! We specialize in commercial landscaping, so no matter how large your property is, we can keep it pest-free. Give us a call at 518-793-9623 or fill out our contact form today.