Protect Your Lawn Against Summer Pests and Heat

summer landscaping flower bed

Summer is finally here and in full-swing! As temperatures begin to rise, lawn care and pest defense needs to become a crucial part of your summer routine for a healthy and thriving lawn. Grasshopper Gardens has the tips you need for a beautiful lawn all summer long!

Adequate Water

Lawns require thorough watering once or twice a week in order to combat summer heat. This often means more than turning on your sprinkler for a few minutes as lawns require about 1”-1 ½” of water each week. It can be a delicate balance as you do not want to over-water. If you begin to experience puddles or water runoff, you’ve watered too much.

Ensuring your irrigation system is working properly is an important step for proper lawn care as well. A properly functioning irrigation system will distribute water evenly throughout your lawn. Uniform watering will help in avoiding brown spots and keep your grass healthy all the way down to the root. The experienced professionals at Grasshopper Gardens can install and maintain an irrigation system best suited to fit your needs!


As the heat continues to climb during the summer months insects may begin to appear. Many pests including White Grubs, Chinchbugs and Billbugs may be small, but can cause major problems. These bugs, and many others, can cause your lawn to look damaged, distressed and have brown patches. Pests need to be handled at the first sign so that your lawn stays healthy and beautiful!

A healthy lawn is important to us, but so is the way we go about creating a thriving lawn. The imprint that we leave on the environment is directly affected by the products we use making it our priority to remain environmentally friendly. To learn more about the products we use, please see our resources page.

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