How to Protect Your Trees from Invasive Insects

Moth on tree

Invasive insects and pests can cause significant damage to a tree’s health, and it’s incredibly important to take the necessary steps to protect your trees. The first step in protecting your trees is to understand what the warning signs are of invasion/infection, and what bugs and insects to be on the lookout for. At Grasshopper Gardens, our goal is to ensure that your trees and landscaping remain healthy and looking beautiful year-round!

A few insects that have made themselves known in our region are the Spongy Moth, Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Long Horned Beetle. These insects are well known and have an appetite for a variety of trees and plants. The Spongy Moth feeds off the leaves of trees and can deforest them completely. The Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Long Horned Beetle bore into trees and eat their wood. 

An obvious sign of an infestation in your tree is to see pests and insects in large numbers. Other things to look out for are wilting, yellow or brown leaves, holes in leaves, holes in your tree itself, drooping branches, fuzzy or moldy-looking patches, discolored spots on leaves and more. These are signs that your tree is very sick, and is infected or infested with something.

The best protection against invasive insects is an insecticide treatment that is specifically formulated to defend your trees against these critters. Our experienced and certified tree injectors are trained to safely apply the proper type and amount of insecticide needed for the specific type and size of your tree or trees. It’s important to know that in order for our treatments to be effective, insecticides must be applied in early spring before your trees leaves emerge. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact us today for your free quote and consultation!

Another way to protect your tree is to ensure that you are encouraging healthy growth! Mulching properly around the trunk of your tree will help to create a barrier against ground insects and can create a proper drainage system that prevents the buildup of standing water.

If you have an infestation already looming in your tree, pruning may be necessary, and can help to remove the parts of your tree that are damaged and dying. By removing the damaged limbs, this can help to stop the spread of the infestation to the remaining healthy parts of your tree and can help to save your tree’s overall health. Reminder, pruning must be done carefully so as to not remove healthy parts or too much of the tree.


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