Fall Cleanup Tasks and Why They’re Essential for Your Yard

fall landscaping cleanup

You’ve enjoyed your yard and landscape all summer long, and rightfully so you put a lot of thought and time into it! Contrary to popular belief, there is still some work to be done as the leaves start changing colors in order to prep for the coming seasons.

We’ve gathered a list of a few items that need to be marked off your list prior to the winter season. For a more in-depth list, and help completing the tasks, contact the landscape professionals of Grasshopper Gardens!

  • Aerate Your Lawn

    Soil becomes compacted due to the amount it is used, especially during the summer months. Aeration creates openings in the lawn for air, water, and nutrients to reach the grassroots. This should be a regular part of your annual lawn maintenance.

  • Protect Your Foliage

    Many plants are sensitive to the cold, covering them prior to the threat of frost is ideal. Frost can often damage plants and hinder their chances of coming back in the spring or summer. Roses, many shrubs, and some perennials should be covered and given a good bed of mulch.

  • Water Your Plants

    The long hot days are gone, but, that doesn’t mean your plants aren’t thirsty. Giving your plants a long drink early in the morning helps to prevent root disease. This also helps them to bed down for the winter. Trees need water too, don’t forget to give them a drink.

  • Clean Garden Beds

    You may think leaving behind weeds, leaves or debris is helping to protect your garden during the winter months. But, that actually does more harm than good. Pests can turn these into their home during the winter and feast on your plants. Removing debris and other matter also hinders the growth of fungi and plant viruses. This is an important step for fall yard cleanup, don’t allow pests and debris matter ruin what you’ve worked so hard for.

These are only a few of the steps Grasshopper Garden takes to protect your lawn for the coming winter. For a complete list of fall yard cleanup tips and processes as well as how we can provide the solution you’re searching for, contact our landscape professionals today!