Spring Landscape Cleanup with Grasshopper Gardens

spring landscape cleanup

The winter months in Upstate New York can wreak havoc on your landscape and as the snow melts you may think to yourself “I need to call Grasshopper Gardens to schedule my lawn services.” But chances are, you will be busy by the time spring rolls around and forget to call to schedule your services until last minute. Good news is, we book services year-round, so while you’re thinking about it, contact us today and knock the phone call off of your list for spring!

Spring Landscape Cleanup

As the snow begins to melt and the temperatures begin to rise it’s time to unwrap the burlap from your trees and bushes. Once the protective coverings have been removed any branches that may have been harmed during the winter will need to be pruned. This can prove to be a difficult task; any mistake can become detrimental to the tree or shrub, which is why it is advisable to have our team of professionals handle this task for you. Pruning your plants allows for healthy growth during the spring and summer seasons.

If you were unable to utilize our fall cleanup there is more than likely leaves and dead foliage around your plants. Once the threat of frost has passed for the season, it’s time to uncover your plants. Additionally, if there are any annuals leftover from the previous year in your landscape, they will need to come up sooner rather than later. As these are both laborious, yet important items to cross off your list, Grasshopper Gardens can get them done while you focus on more important matters for your home or business.

Additional vital steps to prepare your landscape for spring include dethatching the grass, sand and debris removal, followed up by the final step of mowing the lawn. To properly prepare your landscape for the warmer months, it takes an experienced professional. A team with the knowledge, skillset, and equipment creates the ideal solution to fit your needs. With over 20 years of landscape design and maintenance in the Capital Region, Grasshopper Gardens is the team best suited to fulfill your landscape’s needs.

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