5 Easy Ways To Add Curb Appeal This Fall

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Although some of us will be sad to see Summer end, most of us look forward to the crisp fall air and all the fun activities that come with this change in season. Living in Upstate New York has a lot of advantages like proximity to amazing hiking trails, lakes, and beautiful fall foliage. Then, of course, the disadvantage of all the leaves and yard work that comes along with this change in season. Here are some easy ways to add some curb appeal that will have all your neighbors talking.

  1. Lawn Maintenance: The best way to add instant curb appeals is to keep a well-manicured lawn all year long. Contrary to popular belief, the change in season does not mean the yardwork has come to an end; it’s actually just beginning for the following year. At Grasshopper Gardens you can schedule your fall yard cleanup and we will get rid of the fallen leaves and branches leaving your yard looking great! As your lawn continues to heal from the hot summer sun, you may also want to consider aeration and trimming and pruning of your plants. This will not only help to make your home look great today but will help set you up for a great spring.

  2. Home Exterior Clean Up: Part of the fall yard cleanup is picking up and the removal of debris like leaves and branches, but also cleaning up the exterior of your home which will add major curb appeal. Things like power washing your home gets rid of pollen, dirt and mold that may have grew during the hot summer months. You should also make sure your gutters are free of debris. Clogged gutters can cause ice buildup and really do damage to your home. You also want to make sure to contact Grasshopper Gardens to winterize your irrigation system as appointments fill up quick!

  3. Fall Landscaping: There are many plants, trees and shrubs that should be planted in the fall. The experts at Grasshopper Gardens can help you with your fall landscaping design and planting schedule. We can help you choose the correct plants for our unique climate with many coming from our own nursery. We can also help with that outdoor fireplace you’ve always wanted! It will look great and be really cozy this fall.

  4. Lighting: A great way to add some key curb appeal is the use of lights! By adding some great path lights on your terrace, you can extend your outdoor entertainment area and give your space a great ambiance. You can also highlight your wonderful landscaping through the use of up lighting. It will emphasize the contrast of dark shadows of a tree or architectural structure of your home. Add that “wow factor” to your home with Grasshopper Gardens landscape lighting and design.

  5. Fall Décor: Adding fall décor can really bring together all the work you have done to get your house ready for fall. You can add pumpkins and corn stalks to your porch and even add some colorful Chrysanthemums to your landscape. By pulling it all together you will certainly be the talk of the neighborhood.


See how easy it is for Grasshopper Gardens to add major curb appeal to your home with these 5 easy ways to increase curb appeal this fall. Contact Grasshopper Gardens today to schedule your complementary landscape design consultation.