Trimming and Pruning is Essential for Your Landscape

trimming and pruning landscaping

The winter season is a time for pruning your trees and shrubs while they’re in a dormant state; also known as dormant pruning. This step in your landscape maintenance helps keep your trees and shrubs happy and healthy.

Pruning, in general, is important as it can help control the size of your tree; encourage blossoming, as well as eliminating diseased or dead branches. But why is it essential to add dormant pruning to your regimen?

Why Prune In The Winter?

In upstate New York the majority of our plant life is dormant during the winter months. While a plant is dormant, that means it has stopped growing for the summer and you can do a more serious job of pruning. During this time, pruning branches which are diseased is essential. This will help to prevent the disease from spreading to the healthier parts of your plant.

Dead, or damaged, parts of trees and shrubs also act as an access point for insects. Allowing an easy access for insects will lead to issues down the road. Pruning a tree or shrub while it is dormant also increases its healing time. Pruning during this time decreases the chances of attracting disease-carrying insects. Prune it now to save your plant, and yourself, from a larger issue.

In addition to clearing away dead or diseased limbs, dormant pruning helps to encourage the growth direction of your plant. Properly doing so will also help revitalize an old, overgrown plant and encourage new growth.

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Unless you have experience in dormant pruning, it is easy to prune too much or not enough. You put a lot of time and effort into planning and executing the perfect landscape; allow the professionals for Grasshopper Gardens to handle your dormant pruning. Contact us today so we can get started!