8 Best Perennials for New York State Homes

Best perennials for new york

Want to add a touch of beauty to your yard without having to worry about extensive maintenance? Consider adding some perennials this season! With a wide range of choices in many colors and styles, these plants will continue to add attractive colors and textures to your yard long-term. 

If you are considering adding perennials, you might be wondering which ones are the best to plant? Today, we are going to cover some of the eight best to plant in New York State homes. First, let’s explain what a perennial is. 

What is a Perennial Plant?

A perennial is a plant that lives for over two years. The term “perennial” comes from the Latin word per annum, meaning “through the years”.

Most perennials are herbaceous plants, which means they have non-woody stems. Perennials typically grow and bloom over the spring and summer, then die back in the fall and winter, and reappear when the weather warms again. Some perennials are evergreen, which means they keep their leaves all year round.

Why Plant Perennials in Your Yard?

Perennials are an ideal addition to any garden because they come back year after year with very little maintenance. They are also generally more drought-tolerant and pest-resistant than annual plants.

Due to their long-term nature, perennials are a smart investment in maintaining the beauty of your yard. You will not need to constantly add new plants to your yard and they will require little more than occasional watering once they rebloom.

The 8 Best Perennials for New York State Gardens

Different species of perennials fare better than others depending on where your yard is located. Factors like climate, weather, and soil conditions can affect their ability to thrive in your area. For New York State homes, these are some of the eight best:

1: Snow Hill Salvia

Want to add some stylish, neutral colors to your garden? Snow hill salvia adds a perfect texture of small white flowers over a mound of light green foliage. If you plant snow hill salvia in your garden, be sure to cut back the old stalks to help promote a healthy second bloom late in the summer or early fall.

Snow hill salvia is also a remarkably durable perennial species. You can plant them in a variety of garden types and is extremely drought tolerant.

2: Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia Goldstrum)

Black-eyed Susan is a native North American flower species that offers beautiful yellow and green blooms with deep black centers. They are a warm-season perennial, which means they will not start to bloom until late spring or early summer and will continue into the early autumn.

Black-eyed Susans also endure well in drought conditions and clay soils. To ensure a healthy growing process, give each plant appropriate space to prevent mildew growth.

3: Joan Senior Daylily

One of our personal favorite species at Grasshopper Gardens, the Joan Senior reblooms reliably with beautiful creamy, white flowers atop lime green throats.

Joan Seniors are great for planting along borders, in perennial beds, over groundcovers, and in containers. To promote healthy and long-lasting flowering, be sure to clip any deadheads.

Thanks to their plain, yet pretty appearance and neutral color, Joan Seniors can be paired with a wide variety of other plants, such as other daylilies, snow hill salvia, ornamental grasses, and many other species.

4: Happy Returns Daylily

If you’re looking for a daylily with a little more personality, try the Happy Returns Daylily. It boasts yellow blooms that are splattered with an orange center, giving it a fun and unique appearance.

Happy Returns Daylilies are best planted in areas with full sun and well-drained soil. They will bloom from late spring to early summer, and if you deadhead the spent blooms, they may even rebloom in mid-summer.

5: Green Hosta

A common perennial in many American gardens, the Green Hosta is a sleek and simple plant that offers broad, dark green leaves. They are best known as groundcover or border plants and can grow to be about two feet tall.

Green hostas fare best in shady areas with moist soil but can also endure some sun so long as they are given enough water. If you are looking for a plant that is both low-maintenance and stylish, the green hosta should be at the top of your list.

6: Shenandoah Red Switchgrass

A striking addition to any garden, red Shenandoah Switchgrass features ruby-red plumes that turn a beautiful bronze in the fall. They can grow to be about four feet tall and are best used as a border or accent plant.

Perfect for planting in dry conditions, switchgrass is highly drought-resistant and deer typically leave it untouched. It also fairs well in dry and difficult soils, such as clay.

Shenandoah Switchgrass is also one of the most versatile planting options for your yard. You can plant it on its own as an eye-catching landscape design feature or you can use it to compliment the rest of your garden and fill large gaps between smaller plants.

7: Astilbes 

A member of the Saxifragaceae family, Astilbes are rhizomatous perennials that are known for their beautiful plumes of showy flowers. The blooms come in a range of vibrant colors, including pink, white, red, and purple, and they attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Astilbes are best planted in moist, shady areas but can also endure some sun. They typically grow to be about two to three feet tall and make for beautiful border plants.

8: Autumn Joy Sedum

A succulent plant that is best known for its beautiful pink flowers, Autumn Joy Sedum is a perennial that blooms in the late summer and early fall. The flowers start off as a deep pink color and then fade to a lighter shade as they age.

Autumn Joy Sedum is best planted in full sun and well-drained soil. It is a low-maintenance plant that is drought-resistant and does not require deadheading.

This sedum variety is also one of the best for cutting and can be used in fresh or dried arrangements.

Have Your Perennials Professionally Installed This Year

At Grasshopper Gardens, we offer a wide range of New York-friendly perennials as well as provide professional gardening and landscape design services to homeowners in the Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs and greater Capital Region areas. If you want to enjoy beautiful perennials for years to come, contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.