What Types of Trees Should You Plant in Upstate, NY This Spring?

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Are you thinking about planting a tree this spring?

The warm weather will be here before you know it, and you may be asking yourself, “What types of trees should you plant in Upstate, NY this spring?” At Grasshopper Gardens, we offer complete design, installation, and maintenance services for new trees that we plant on your property.

Let the experts at Grasshopper Gardens Enhance Your Life with a beautiful new tree or plant just in time for the outdoor season. You can now browse a wide selection of trees in our new online shop and purchase right from our website. Our website offers a wide variety of products as well as free delivery and expert installation of your new plant purchase.

We ensure your new trees have plenty of nutrient rich soil to grow. We consider everything from light requirements, available space, soil conditions, water requirements and growth rates and can recommend the best trees and plants to suit your property. Here are a few of our local favorites.

Flowering Trees:

The Red Baron Crabapple tree has stunning clusters of fragrant red flowers. It has dark green foliage that emerges as a coppery-bronze in the spring. This is a beautiful and fragrant tree and makes a wonderful addition to your landscaping.


Red Baron Crabapple tree


Fruit Trees:

The Cherry “May Day” tree is a fruit-bearing tree that produces small black berries. Birds love this tree. This low-branched tree is rounded and provides perfect coverage for your feathered friends. During the summer this tree has dark-green foliage that turns a stunning yellow-red shade in the fall.


Cherry “May Day” tree


The Honeycrisp Apple Tree is a modern apple that is quickly becoming an American favorite. The fruit is aromatic and as sweet as honey taste with an explosively juicy, crisp texture. The tree grows to only 10-15 feet tall and does require full sun. This is a great tasty tree for small spaces.


Honeycrisp Apple Tree

Fall Foliage:

The Red Sunset Maple tree boasts dark green foliage, which turns a brilliant red/orange in autumn. This tree can grow to be 45-50 feet tall requiring partial to full sun to thrive. This is a beautiful tree to see in Upstate New York and made to be a perfect climbing tree!



Red Sunset Maple tree


The Burgundy Belle Red Maple tree is a large tree that develops a compact, rounded canopy. Summer foliage is a medium to dark green in color that can tolerate hot summer conditions. In late September the leaves turn red or orange in color, then burgundy in October. This tree can grow to be 40-45 feet tall and require partial to full sun. This is a great tree addition for your Upstate New York landscape.


The Burgundy Belle Red Maple tree

Enhance Your Life with a Stunning Landscape

Get ready to enhance your life with trees that impress your neighbors.

With years of experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to ensure that your trees are installed properly. Whether you’re looking to have new fruit, flower or evergreen tree planted in your backyard or on your commercial property, we can help you find the perfect choice. Visit our online shop to buy trees right online and select delivery to have them installed for you by a Grasshopper Gardens expert.