Adding Water Features to Your Yard for Beauty & Serenity

water feature landscaping

A lot of us have been spending more time at home than ever before. So why not love where you live? Whether your backyard is a landscaping nirvana or just basic grass, adding a water feature can help add natural elements, textures and movement to your backyard. You just might have a renewed interest in spending time in your yard again.

There are a lot of different types of water features that can be worked into your landscape design. A couple of the most popular water features are small ponds and waterfalls, sometimes known as water gardens. They not only add a sense of serenity to your outdoor space, but also can make your yard look bigger and can attact birds and wildlife to your yard. They allow for a multiple sensory experience and are known to bring on a sense of calm.

Different than a water garden, water fountains need little more attention on top of their regular maintenance. They have a pump system that needs cleaning and in the winter needs to be winterized and closed up for the season. Adding a fountain though can add a beautiful focal point to any landscape design. Don’t dismiss the idea of adding a water fountain because you don’t think you have the space. Water fountains can also be any size and perfect for smaller spaces. A water feature can make use of any awkward or ill-used space and make it the feature focal point of your backyard.

The biggest question on your mind may be about the upkeep and care that needs to go into having a water feature in your yard. By following some simple steps and understanding how they work, the time put into taking good care of your water feature is minimal compared to the time you’ll spend enjoying it. You may want to add pants and fish to your pond to help with the natural maintenance of a water ecosystem and reduce algae or hire professionals like Grasshopper gardens to help with the winterization of fountains and irrigation systems.  If you have specific questions about water feature maintenance, contact Grasshopper Gardens, we will be more than happy to walk you through the maintenance commitment of adding a water feature to your landscape design.

Adding in a water feature to you backyard can change the whole look and feel of your outdoor space. Ponds, fountains, and waterfalls add a natural beauty and serenity to any outdoor area, no matter how small or grand you make it. Let Grasshopper Gardens help you design the perfect outdoor oasis right outside your doors. Get your free design consultation today!