5 Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas for Privacy

pool landscaping ideas for privacy

One of the most important aspects of having a backyard is enjoying it with a sense of complete peace and privacy.  For many homeowners, this extends to the pool area, where you may want an extra layer of separation from the outside world.

Whether you prefer a simple, yet elegant aesthetic you prefer to get creative, there are many options for increasing the level of privacy around your inground pool. Today, we will review some popular and eye-catching landscape design features that can add that desired extra layer of privacy without clashing with your yard’s peaceful ambiance.

1: Hedges

Hedges are an attractive way to add privacy and beauty to your inground pool landscape. They provide a beautiful, textured, and colorful barrier for your pool area that can be shaped in various styles and sizes. Hedges come in numerous varieties, including privet, boxwood, yew, and arborvitae. You can also use them for hiding unsightly equipment like pumps or filters.

Well-placed hedges can help reduce outdoor noise, block wind, and provide additional shade in addition to their aesthetic perks. Selecting a species that does not shed many leaves, needles, or branches can help to further reduce cleanup in and around the pool area so you can jump in for a swim right away! You can also minimize cleanup by scheduling regular landscaping that includes hedge trimmings.

2: Vinyl Privacy Fences

Take the privacy of your pool area to the next level by adding a vinyl privacy fence. Many types of fencing can be used for this purpose, but vinyl privacy fences are a popular choice for complete concealment.

Privacy fences are an excellent way to keep unwanted eyes out of your backyard while also providing a sense of security. Unlike wooden fence slats, a privacy fence has no gaps along its walls, allowing for total coverage. These fences are made from vinyl and can be installed in various colors, including white, tan, and gray.

3: A Pool House

A custom-built pool house is another great option for adding privacy, storing all of your pool supplies and equipment, and providing a place for entertaining guests. You can even convert it into a bar or guest residence if it is large enough.

Pool houses also provide a convenient and concealed place to change in and out of your swimming clothes outdoors, so you or your guest do not have to walk inside while wet. If large enough, pool houses can provide a great deal of coverage on their own, but having the extra inside space guarantees a place of complete privacy while swimming.

4: Stone Walls

Stone walls are a durable and stylish way to add privacy without blocking sunlight from entering your yard. Hardscape-grade stone materials are designed to last for years following their installation. These walls can both enhance your yard’s appearance beautiful and complement the other solid features around the pool, such as the patio, creating a more cohesive atmosphere.

When it comes to deciding how you want to install a stone wall, you can decide whether you want full or partial coverage around the inground pool area. You can also select custom masonry materials to find the right color and finish that complements the rest of your home.

More than just a barrier, you can also incorporate other features into your stone walls. These include gated entries, built-in planters, seating, or a fireplace to stay warm on cool summer nights.

5: A Gazebo

A gazebo is an excellent way to create privacy and shelter in your backyard. Gazebos offer additional shade and overhead coverage and can be outfitted with electrical connections to power outdoor lights, kitchen appliances, fans, and televisions. They can also be equipped with collapsible walls or screens to provide additional coverage, making them a versatile option.

Do you enjoy hosting and entertaining guests? You can also transform your gazebo into a go-to social destination with other options like custom countertops and kitchen features to enjoy a snack and a cool drink with friends and family.

Get Custom Inground Pool Privacy Features for Your Home

You don’t have to settle for a dull, ordinary pool. You can enhance your pool with custom features that will make it stand out from the rest. At Grasshopper Garden, we design and install various custom in-ground pool privacy features to help you relax and enjoy your yard more during any time of year. We also provide a full range of other landscaping services to help your yard look its best through each season.

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