Weed Control: How We Do It

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Weed Control: How We Do It

Having a low-maintenance yard is a goal for many people. And if you hire us to manage your yard, it couldn’t be more low-maintenance! With that said, there are many areas that we look at, treat and manage. One that is very common to the average yard is weed control. Weed control is a year-round effort, but we can easily work it into our residential and commercial services to save you the headaches and to take your property to the next level.

Even if your lawn is perfectly healthy, weeds from the neighboring lawn or seeds that blow over with the wind can ultimately reach your lawn. The thicker and healthier your grass is, the less opportunity for weeds to grow.

Know the Limitations and Take a Whole Approach

No single herbicide, weeding technique or lawn care tactic works against all weeds. Why? because there are different types:

  • Unwanted grasses
  • Grasslike plants
  • Broadleaf plants

Keep Your Grass Healthy

By keeping your grass as healthy as possible (watering, fertilizing, cutting, mulching in the right areas, etc.), we can start to ‘crowd’ the weeds out. If your grass is its healthiest, weeds have less of a chance of taking root (no pun intended).

Strategic Fertilization

Fertilize too much or fertilize too little and you’r inviting conditions that encourage weeds to invade and take over. When we are contracted for fertilization services, we do so in a methodical manner based on the type of grass, climate and other factors. This helps, again, keep your grass healthy and more weed free than if you randomly went to the store and blindly picked a fertilizer to apply yourself.

Watering Schedules and Watering Depth

We recommend sticking to a specific watering schedule that also allows for deep watering — keeping the roots of your grass healthy and robust — thus, keeping your grass and yard thick and healthy.

Schedule a Consultation

There are other factors and other tactics and we would be happy to introduce them to you in person. Call us or email us to set up a consultation and we can walk you through the process while setting up a regular schedule for us to manage your landscaping — having the pros pay attention to the details of your specific lawn is your best defense against those pesky weeds.