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Your Albany and Saratoga, NY Lawn Fertilization and Grub and Crabgrass Control Experts

Albany & Saratoga, NY Lawn Fertilization | Grub & Crabgrass Control | Grasshopper GardensGrasshopper Gardens provides lawn fertilization and crabgrass and grub control for people living in Albany and Saratoga, NY. Your grass battles weather, pests and disease on a daily basis, and needs regular attention. Preparing it for the frigid weather is as important as getting it ready for the growing season. Our experienced lawn technicians use proven processes and fertilization treatments to help keep your grass healthy and green!

The benefits of a healthy lawn go beyond curb appeal:

  • Reduces soil erosion and water runoff
  • Traps and help control dust
  • Cools your outdoor living area
  • Increases value of home and property

At Grasshopper Gardens our lawn fertilization programs create lush and healthy lawns that are pest and disease free.  We can customize our fertilization programs which range from basic lawn care to a full spectrum control of pests and disease prevention.

Call 518-793-9623 or email us at info@nicelawns.com to schedule a lawn consultation at no charge.

Proven Grub Control Treatments

Albany & Saratoga, NY Grub & Crabgrass Control | Grasshopper GardensUgly brown patches on your lawn could be a sign that you need grub control. Grubs not only feed on the root system and destroy the grass, they also attract skunks, raccoons, and birds that eat them.

Grasshopper Gardens offers tried-and-tested grub control treatments and preventatives to use in Albany and Saratoga, NY that can help you safely deal with your problem. When combined with our fertilization programs, you can look forward to a healthy and vibrant lawn.

Phone 518-793-9623 for grub control to be applied by your local lawn care experts.

Effective Crabgrass Control

Crab grass is an annual weed that can soon overrun your entire lawn. Each plant is capable of producing as many as 150,000 seeds per season. It has a different texture and color than grass that interrupts the uniformity of a lawn. Crabgrass usually invades lawns during the spring and summer and then leaves large voids in the fall and winter when it dies off.

Grasshopper Gardens utilizes a combination of crabgrass control options for Albany and Saratoga, NY residents, giving them long term control. Our pre-emergent herbicides prevent seed germination and are applied in early to mid-April offering added assurance against crabgrass invasion. Our post emergent treatments make sure the weed doesn’t get out of hand.

Give us a call at 518-793-9623 for effective crabgrass control.

Year-Round Weed Control for a Healthy Lawn

Weed control is also a year round effort. Even if your lawn is perfectly healthy, weeds from the neighboring lawn or seeds that blow over with the wind can ultimately reach your lawn. The thicker and healthier your grass is, the less opportunity for weeds to grow.

Grasshopper Gardens offers year-round fertilization and lawn care programs which combine weed control treatments. We can prevent small problems from becoming serious infestations that can overrun your entire lawn.

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Just a note to say "thank you" and how pleased we were with the work you recently did on our property.  It was a pleasant experience from the start.

-Shelley Smith, Ballston Spa, NY

“I would like you to know how pleased I am with the job your crew did on my lawn this morning. They went from doing the lawn across the street to mine and never stopped working until both were done. They even got down and got the leaves out from under the holly bush. I surely will call next year. I have had Grasshopper fertilize my lawn since I moved to Queensbury ten years ago and I have had many compliments on how nice the lawn looks. Thank you for a great job!”

-Peggy Smith, Queensbury, NY