Lawn Fertilization is More Than Just Lush Green Grass

proper lawn fertilization

Professional fertilization programs from Grasshopper Gardens promote a vibrant lawn throughout the year. But fertilization goes beyond just ‘looking healthy’. Over time, your soil loses many of the key nutrients to keep grass looking healthy and green. The best way to keep a healthy lawn is to replenish the key nutrients with lawn fertialization.

Our experienced lawn technicians use proven processes and fertilization treatments to help keep your grass healthy and green! We can customize our fertilization programs which range from basic lawn care to a full spectrum control of pests and disease prevention depending on your specic needs. Each of the different nutrients in your soil play a different role in grass health:

  • Nitrogen promotes healthy growth by encouraging the production of chlorophyll, which is a chemical vital to photosynthesis.
  • Phosphorus helps your lawn develop healthy roots and stems.
  • Potassium gives your lawn strength, helping it to resist drought and disease.

Healthy grass is the best grass and the benefits of a healthy lawn go beyond looking great. Benefits also include:

  • Reduces soil erosion and water runoff
  • Traps and help control dust
  • Cools your outdoor living area
  • Increases the value of home and property
  • Thicker grass chokes out weeds
  • Firms up the soil
  • Reduces muddy patches
  • Healthier root system
  • Makes your neighbors jealous

Grasshopper Gardens can help you come up with a proper fertilization schedule that will work best for your lawns needs. It’s recommended that fertilization happens in the spring or early summer and again in the fall. This will help set your grass up for continued success in the next year. It’s important to keep in mind that each lawn and soil composition is different, so trusting the professionals at Grasshopper Gardens is the best recommended course of action.

To get your lawn looking healthy, lush and green, call Grassoppper gardens at 518-793-9623 or email us at to schedule a lawn consultation at no charge. We look forward to finding you that perfect solution for your lawn!