How Your Lawn Will Benefit From Overseeding?

long green grass

Overseeding your lawn is the practice of spreading grass seed over an existing lawn. As time goes on grass begins to thin, especially in areas that get a lot of use. One of the benefits of overseeding your lawn is that it helps to keep a beautifully lush green lawn well into the growing season. It’s a straightforward process but timing is everything. This process usually takes a couple treatments in both the spring and fall. The team at Grasshopper Gardens can help establish a plan so you begin to see the benefits of overseeding your first season. Here are some reasons you should contact Grasshopper Gardens about overseeding your lawn today!

Overseeding Reduces Erosion

Grass has a compact root system that does an exceptional job of binding to the soil. Densely planted or overseeded lawns help to ensure soil and water stay where you want them to, right at the root zone, reducing run-off and soil loss. Reducing soil erosion helps to keep necessary nutrients throughout your lawn and in the soil that helps your lawn to thrive. An overseeded dense lawn also holds on to moisture and reduces the amount of water your lawn needs to thrive.

Overseeding Reduces Pest Invasion

Maintaining a healthy lawn is the best way to combat pests and disease attacks while providing an additional benefit of overseeding your lawn. Grasshopper Gardens only uses the best grass seeds that thrive in the area they are being planted. By choosing these specific seeds, it will provide a natural disease resistance and you’ll be able to grow a lawn that’s not only healthy and vibrant but also fights pests and disease naturally.

Overseeding Improves Appearance

One of the major benefits from overseeding your lawn is that you will begin to see a more luscious green lawn that is both healthy and beautiful to look at. The thicker grass will help reduce brown spots you often see as a cause of heat stress. The additional water retained by the healthy grass also helps to conserve water because lawns need to be watered less often. Another visual benefit of overseeding your lawn is that high traffic areas will be less susceptible to wear and provide additional durability.

There are many benefits of overseeding your lawn, the most notable are that the results will produce a beautiful thick lawn that holds soil and water in place and reduce run-off and soil erosion. Contact us today to see how your lawn can benefit from overseeding with Grasshopper Gardens. Call us at 518-793-9623.