3 Tips for Planning Your Spring Landscape

spring landscaping design

Contrary to popular belief, winter is a perfect time to begin planning your spring landscape design. Taking time during the months which are typically the most quiet for your landscape can help you get a head start when it comes time to make changes to your outdoor living space.


An important step to designing your landscape is taking into consideration the layout and configuration of the area. This step helps to ensure the design you have sketched in your mind flows with your property. During this time, take into consideration the areas that see more activity and foot traffic than other areas. These areas will need careful consideration when it comes to the design and installation processes.

What to Incorporate:

Plants are a wonderful way to bring life to any outdoor living space, but the incorporation ofwater features and hardscapes can serve a functional purpose as well as creating a depth of eye appeal.


This step goes hand-in-hand with the layout of your landscape. It’s easy to get carried away while picking out the plants that will soon become rooted into your soil. You will need to take into consideration how big the plants will eventually become. Plants that are overcrowded will have less of a chance to thrive and flourish, to make sure you aren’t overcrowding your plants, let our experts help!


It’s also important to understand the change in climate we face in the Capital Region. The finicky weather means there needs to be an understanding of the plants that will thrive during each season and which areas of the property will be best for each.

During the planning phase, our experts will help you to decide which plants will thrive on your property while also keeping your vision in mind. We’ll also help to determine which hardscape and masonry aspects will bring your outdoor living space to life while creating an extension of your home or office building. To get started, contact our professionals today!