The Impact Dog Feces Has on Your Lawn

Dog in grass

None of us like looking out at our lawn and seeing brown patches rather than vibrant green grass. When brown spots make an appearance, we tend to think it’s caused by a disease or an infestation of a pest, such as grubs. Something many of us don’t take into consideration is the damage of leaving behind our dog’s poop. There are more reasons to clean it up, aside from the obvious – it can be quite unsightly!

Lawn Damage Caused by Dog Feces

Not only can it be an eye sore, but leaving your dog’s waste on your lawn can also be an environmental hazard as it may carry parasites which can be spread throughout your lawn, waterways, or to yourself. Many of these parasites can live in your lawn’s soil for a year or longer!

Fecal matter that has been left on your lawn for an extended period of time will begin to release a higher amount of matter such as nitrogen into your lawn. As a result, your lawn will become overrun with brown patches. Areas that have suffered from damage caused by dog feces will need expert lawn care services, such as reseeding your lawn, from Grasshopper Gardens. Even a small amount can contain as many as 23 million fecal coliform bacteria which can easily be transmitted to other areas of your lawn, people, or other animals. It also increases the chances that pests will be attracted to the fecal matter and decide to make your lawn their new home. As we know, these pests have the ability to cause disease outbreaks of their own which can lead to substantial amount of damage for your lawn. So what’s the bottom line? For lawns to remain healthy, and for lawn care maintenance to truly be successful, it’s essential to pick up after our dogs. By ignoring the fecal matter, you could be increasing the chances of brown patches and lawn disease.

Lawn Care from Grasshopper Gardens

We certainly don’t want you to give up your four legged friends, but, we care about the health of your lawn and want it to flourish each year. This is why our experts customize lawn care maintenance programs for each lawn we work with. To hear more of our helpful tips and to create a lawn care schedule your landscape will benefit from, contact our experts today. We look forward to working with you and helping your lawn thrive!