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Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services in and around Albany and Saratoga, NY

Lawn Care Services We Offer

A healthy lawn and landscape take time and effort, but that time does not have to take up all of your free time. Grasshopper Gardens offers a full line of professional Lawn Care Services to keep your lawn healthy and looking great. Our team of professionals use proven processes and fertilization treatments that are tailored to the needs of your lawn, plants and trees to ensure their health and growth while keeping your schedule open to do the things you would like to do.

A healthy lawn is important to us, but so is the way we go about creating a thriving lawn. The imprint that we leave on the environment is directly affected by the products we use making it our priority to remain environmentally friendly. To learn more about the products we use, please see our resources page.

Ensure the health and appearance of your landscape with Grasshopper Gardens, we offer a full range of landscaping services including:

Fertilization – Lush and healthy, pest and disease free lawns are the result of our customizable fertilization programs.

Aeration – A vital part of annual lawn care which allows nutrients, water, and air to reach your grass roots, helping to assure optimal lawn care treatment.

Slit Seeding – Our seeding programs make use of premium quality grass seed, enhancing coverage and vibrancy.

Perimeter Pest Control – Tick and perimeter pest control is essential to the health of your lawn, your pets and family.

Organic Programs – We are concerned with the environment just like you are so we offer organic programs that will help to create desirable conditions for the lawn to grow while minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Ornamental Root Feeding – We cater to the specific needs of your plants, trees and shrubs by injecting fertilizer into the root system to increase flowering, improve plant health and growth.

Landscaping Services – We have the services to make your landscape beautiful year round. Learn more about our seasonal flower, trimming and pruning, mulching, irrigation and lawn mowing services here.

New Lawns – We provide quick and efficient new lawn installations with hydro seeding or sod and we can install new plants and trees for a creative and beautiful landscape.

Grasshopper Gardens has been providing professional landscaping and lawn care services in and around Albany and Saratoga, NY for over 20 years. Our expert services are performed by trained and experienced lawn care and landscaping professionals to ensure that your landscape remains healthy and beautiful.

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Just a note to say "thank you" and how pleased we were with the work you recently did on our property.  It was a pleasant experience from the start.

-Shelley S.

“Best fall cleanup (or spring cleanup) ever. Not a leaf or pine needle left on my lawn or garden beds. Their work was impeccable. If I was here when they left, I would've tipped them.”

-David O.

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