The Benefits of Choosing Native Plants for Your Next Landscape Project

upstate ny native plants

Picking the right plants to complete your landscape is an exciting part of any project. Plants provide color, invite birds into your yard and give your home that all important curb appeal. But with so many different types of plants to choose from, it can be a confusing task. When considering what plants to choose for your landscape, the idea of native versus non-native plants may not cross your mind, but there are many reasons why you should consider using native landscape plants. Continue reading to learn the important benefits of native plants.

1. Native Plants Can Easily Adapt

Native landscape plants are hardy and adaptable to the climate we experience here in Upstate NY.  These plants have been in an area for hundreds of years and have adjusted to the local conditions. For plants native to Upstate NY, it means that they can tolerate harsh Northeast winters and hot summers. They develop deep root systems and offer a good mix of seasonal color and berries to keep your landscape looking great year-round.

2. Our Staff Are Native Plant Experts

At Grasshopper gardens we have our own greenhouse and nursery where we grow and stock a large variety of native landscape plants. Our staff of experts can provide solutions to your local landscape challenges and will advise you on the perfect plants for your unique situation. They can also help you avoid costly mistakes, such as picking plants that won’t tolerate your full sun patio, or an area with poor drainage.  With our intimate knowledge of the native plants we grow and sell, we also provide expert advice on maintenance and care so you can protect your investment and ensure your landscape looks beautiful for years to come.

3. Native Plants Support Wildlife

Believe it or not, your landscape plant choices have real, meaningful effects on birds, insects and other wildlife in your area.  Native plants and animals have evolved together and depend on each other for survival. Native trees, shrubs, and flowers provide habitats for butterflies, birds, and beneficial insects. In addition, native plants prevent foreign, invasive plant species from overtaking the landscape.

4. Plants Native to the Capital Region

There are so many great options for creating an attractive and varied native landscape. Below are just a few common landscape plants that are native to the Capital Region.

  • Arborvitae – popular trees to use for privacy screens
  • Spirea – a pretty, flowering shrub, generally fast growing
  • Eastern Redbud – a very nice small tree or multi-stem medium to large shrub
  • Flowing Crab Apple – ornamental flowering trees that come in many different colors and sizes
  • River Birch – beautiful trees that come in single or multi-stem trunks
  • Juniper – Coniferous plants that come in many varieties, shapes and sizes
  • Pagoda Dogwood – excellent native shrubs or small trees for a four-season garden.
  • Ninebark – shrubs and small trees that are a good substitute for Barberry and Burning Bush which are both invasive plants
  • Red Maple – a beautiful tree that is a great replacement for the invasive Norway Maple

Learn more about our nursery and how we can provide you with beautiful native trees, flowers and shrubs for your next landscape project. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free estimate.