Creating a Deer-Resistant Landscape

deer resistant landscape

Woodland creatures such as deer or rabbits can create a feeling of serenity as you sip your morning coffee and watch them make their way through your landscape. This moment can quickly turn into something many of us dread as they begin to consume your landscape’s foliage.  So how do you create a landscape that you love but deer will find less appetizing?

While a deer that is truly hungry will eat most any plant, there are plant species that tend to be less appetizing to deer. Foliage they tend to stray from includes those who have strong scents or tastes, those with spines or thorns, ones that produce sap in addition to many more. For a list of plants that deer will find less appealing, simply ask our landscape professionals. It is our goal to create a landscape you will enjoy and love for years to come, rather than keeping the wildlife around you well fed.

Aromatic Plants:

There are many plants that give off an aroma, some of which go unnoticed by humans unless we’re close enough. Thyme, Lavender, and Russian Sage are amongst the list of fragrant foliage deer will pass by. They contain aromatic oils which are typically unpalatable.


Among the versatile greens, deer are less likely to make a meal out of shrubs like English Boxwood, Butterfly Bush, as well as Juniper. In addition to their natural aromas working as a natural deer repellent, the plants’ textures and features also help to deter wildlife from eating them. Juniper, for example has needles which deer do not enjoy. They can also be used as a border for your property which can help keep wildlife in their natural habitat.

Companion Plants:

This process groups plants that are more susceptible to deer with plants that have a higher resistance. Planting a lavender bush near roses is a strategy that is both aesthetically pleasing while being effective.

Our landscape experts will work with you to decide which plants will work the best for your property while also creating something you will enjoy throughout the year. We have the experience and knowledge you’re searching for and the solutions to your questions. Get your next project started by contacting us today!