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Newly Seeded Lawns

The new seedbed must always be kept moist. This can be achieved by light frequent watering, at least once, and as much as four times per day. Weather will dictate the frequency of the watering. This type of watering must be continued until the entire lawn has approximately two inches of growth, or until the first cutting.

DO NOT over water to the point of run off. This will cause erosion and the loss of seed. Water the lawn at a rate that the soil can absorb. There should not be any puddles on the lawn area when watering.

Newly Established Lawns

After approximately the first cutting, the watering schedule must change from light frequent watering to less frequent but deeper watering. The goal is to water the turf to promote deep root growth. Again do not over water to the point of run off and only water at a rate that the soil can absorb. Never let the lawn wilt. If the lawn starts to wilt, water immediately.

DO NOT let it reach a permanent wilting point. This means the lawn will die. All areas of turf should receive one inch of water to be considered deep watering. It is best to water in the morning hours when evaporation is low and the grass leaves dry quickly. Watering in the evening does not allow time for the grass leaves to dry and creates and environment conducive to disease development.

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Just a note to say "thank you" and how pleased we were with the work you recently did on our property.  It was a pleasant experience from the start.

-Shelley S.

“Best fall cleanup (or spring cleanup) ever. Not a leaf or pine needle left on my lawn or garden beds. Their work was impeccable. If I was here when they left, I would've tipped them.”

-David O.

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