It’s time to get rid of those annoying weeds.


Weeds can be identified as plants that are growing in the wrong place so technically any plant that you did not plant and/or want in your garden can be considered a weed. Certainly we are all aware of how quickly weeds can spread. Seemingly overnight our lawns can sprout hundreds of dandelions and the like.

Generally speaking, there are 3 types of growing weeds: annual, biennial, and perennial. Annual weeds spread by seed and their average lifespan is only one year but they usually have two active cycles. Annual weeds start growing in the spring and summer, and are gone by wintertime. Biennial weeds have an average lifespan of two years. They start to form during the first year and by the second year they produce flowers and seeds. Perennial weeds are the most difficult to control. They return every year without warning and not only do they produce seeds but roots, as well.

Now that we have identified the types of weeds that might be present in your backyard, there are a few weed control methods that will help.


  1. Spreading a layer of mulch is a time effective method. It prevents light from getting to the weeds, as well as allowing them to grow.
  2. Close planting eliminates open space, which also eliminates weeds to grow.
  3. Growing cover crops.


Pulling out the weeds and hoeing is another way to get rid of these nuisances. Even though it is time consuming, most of the time, it is very effective. As the famous phrase says, “Pull when wet, hoe when dry.”


When weeds get too aggressive a more forceful action plan needs to be put in place. There are countless brands of herbicides that can be used to kill these weeds and prevent them from growing. But be sure to do your research or contact a professional; chemical weed killers can be dangerous to people, pets and turf and unless you get to the real problems that weaken grass and favor weeds, you might have to apply herbicides frequently. Contact Grasshopper Gardens for a safe and efficient plan of action to combat your weeds and give you the green, healthy lawn you are dreaming of!

Check out this website to identify weeds by name, appearance, or region!