How Your Lawn Benefits from Aeration

Grass aeration

For your lawn and landscape to truly flourish throughout the warmer months, it requires a multitude of knowledge, techniques, and proper processes. As we learned earlier this season, proper watering techniques is one of the essential parts to properly caring for your lawn, now let’s learn how your lawn benefits from aeration.

What is Aeration

The process of removing small “plugs” from the lawn that are made up of thatch and soil is called aeration; this removal process helps to improve natural soil aeration. You may hear terms such as core aeration, coring, spiking, or slicing, but those all refer to the process of aeration. The process of aeration creates space in your soil so that air, water, and nutrients can make their way to the grassroots.

Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

During the spring and summer months your lawn has the tendency to become “compacted” due to the amount of activity it sees; this prevents healthy growth for the following year unless it is aerated by the professionals at Grasshopper Gardens. Compacted soil has the ability to prevent water and fertilizer from reaching the roots which means the lawn has a harder time establishing a healthy root system. Aeration relieves this stress and encourages a healthy growth process.

Additional aerating benefits include:

  • Intensifies thatch breakdown
  • Healthy root growth
  • Improved air, nutrient, and water movement
  • Stronger, healthier roots
  • Higher heat and drought tolerance
  • Better incorporation of organic matter into the soil
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling

Aerating Services in the Capital Region

Our experts have been providing aerating services for homeowners and business owners throughout the Capital Region for more than 20 years. With our level of experience, efficient and precise aerating process, your lawn is sure to flourish for many seasons to come. Eliminate the stress and guesswork of lawn care maintenance, and contact Grasshopper Gardens so your lawn stays healthy, green, and vibrant!