Lawn Care 101: Learn About Our Customer Fertilization Program

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Upgrade Your Lawn Care with our Customer Fertilization Program

This year, you can have the best yard on the block with Grasshopper Garden’s new customer fertilization program. Imagine: Stepping onto soft, plush grass that’s routinely taken care of for you all season long.

No longer do you have to take the time to plan the best times to fertilize your lawn for optimal growth and density. Instead, your lawn care will be taken care of by a trained team of professionals, who know the right time to deliver the most effective treatment for your lawn.

What You Can Expect

Premium lawn care is all about providing your lawn with the right nutrients to thrive at the most ideal time. That’s what we aim to do with our customer fertilization program. Using high-quality products that are safe for children, pets, and the environment, we’ll provide you with:

  • Five fertilizer applications throughout the year
  • Two free treatments
  • Broadleaf Weed Control application
  • Crabgrass Post Emergent application
  • Grub Control application
  • Fall Lime application

Together, these applications and treatments will help you receive a lush lawn that’s perfect for all your favorite outdoor activities, like playing sports with your family, running around with your dog, and so many more opportunities to socialize and connect.

Our Customer Fertilization Program in Detail

Our 2022 customer fertilization program begins with the spring thaw and continues throughout fall. There are many steps we take throughout this time to deliver you the best lawn care results. When you sign up for our program, you’ll receive the treatments above within a specific time frame to ensure optimal outcomes.  Below, we’ve listed each fertilizer and treatment as well as when you can anticipate receiving the service:

Your First Treatment

Between April 3 – 21, 2022, or April 24 – May 12, 2022, you can expect to receive our Crabgrass Preventer with Fertilizer treatment. This treatment will keep your lawn free of this unsightly weed while keeping your grass healthy.

Your Second Treatment

Broadleaf Weed Control treatment comes free with the customer fertilization program. You can expect to receive this treatment between May 1 – 19, 2022, or May 22 – June 8, 2022. So, you can eliminate any weeds that could harm your dense, healthy lawn during the summer months.

Your Third Treatment

After your first Crabgrass Preventer with Fertilizer treatment, you’ll receive another approximately between May 1 – 19, 2022, or May 22 – June 8, 2022. This double-hit will prevent crabgrass from living off your yard.

Your Fourth Treatment

Grubs are a pest that’s best to terminate and treat in the summer. That’s why our fourth treatment is designed to kill grubs before they destroy your lawn. Around June 12 – 30, 2022, or July 3 – July 21, 2022, we’ll swing by and take care of these pests with our Season Long Grub Preventer with Fertilizer treatment.

Your Fifth Treatment

In the late summer, it’s time to start giving your yard fresher nutrients to help it prepare for winter. This is why you can expect to receive our Late Summer Fertilizer treatment, which includes a spot treatment of broadleaf weeds, around July 10 – 28, 2022, or July 31 – August 18, 2022.

Your Sixth Treatment

We’ve included a Post Emergent Crabgrass treatment that kills crabgrass before it starts to release seeds into your lawn for next year. You’ll approximately get this service around July 10 – 28, 2022, or July 31 – August 18, 2022.

Your Seventh Treatment

Just in time for autumn is our Fall Fertilizer Treatment. Here, you’ll get a fresh, new fertilizer that will help prepare your lawn for the colder months. You’ll also receive a spot treatment of broadleaf weeds. You can expect to have these services done around August 21 – September 8, 2022, or September 11 – 29, 2022.

Your Eighth Treatment

One of your last treatments is the Winterization Fertilizer that includes spot treatment of broadleaf weeds. This is the last time your lawn will be fertilized before it starts to frost. You’ll get these services approximately around September 25 – October 13, 2022, or October 16 – November 3, 2022.

Your Ninth Treatment

To protect your family against ticks, we’ve also gifted you a free Fall Application of Lime treatment. As a bonus: it comes with a spot treatment of broadleaf weeds, as well. You can expect to have this service done around September 25 – October 13, 2022, or October 16 – November 2, 2022.

Interested in our New Customer Fertilization Program: Sign-Up Today!

If you’re ready to have the best lawn care service for 2022, don’t hesitate to add our service to your online shopping cart. We’ve added a new e-commerce feature to our website that allows you to pay for our lawn care services or products online rather than in-store or by phone. However, if you’d like to ask us questions or purchase the service over the phone, please don’t hesitate to call us at (518) 793-9623. We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions that we haven’t covered already.