How to tell if your lawn has Grubs

Partially dead grass

White grub issues are two-fold, as they eat the lawn in the larval stage and then turn into beetles, such as the Japanese Beetle, in their adult stage and eat surrounding plants.

How to determine if there’s an issue:

To determine how many grubs you have in your lawn you can use a flat spade to cut back a sample of turf. Count the grubs in the top 3 inches of soil and replace and water the turf. If you take a 6″ X 6″ sample (1/4 of a square foot), a grub density of more than 2-3 per sample probably warrants treatment. Take a dozen or so samples throughout the lawn area to determine which areas may need treatment.


Typical turf damage from grubs


Larval stage


Depending on the time year, there are different methods of treating the grub population. If you suspect grubs in your yard, call Grasshopper Gardens to treat your lawn.