How Much Water is the Right Amount to Help Your Lawn Thrive?

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Your lawn, no matter the size, requires a lot of care and attention in order to truly flourish. Many homeowners and business owners tend to fall victim to improper watering techniques. Do you know how much water is the right amount to help your lawn thrive? Do you know how to test your lawn to know when it’s time for another watering session?

Using the Footprint Test on Your Lawn

The test is a fairly simple one, and something you might already be doing but without realizing it. While walking across your lawn, look back at the steps you have taken. How long does it take for the grass to “bounce back” into place? If the grass moves back almost immediately, then it’s in good shape.

Footprints that stay all the way, or even halfway, down are indicators that your lawn could benefit from proper watering.

How to Properly Water Your Lawn

Your lawn requires 1” – 1 ½” of water each week to avoid becoming stressed or damaged. Lawns that are over or under watered are more susceptible to disease and inhabiting unwanted pests such as grubs. It is also ideal, when at all possible, to water your lawn earlier in the day. This method gives your lawn ample time to absorb the water and nutrients prior to the temperatures cooling at night. Many lawns respond well to receiving water 2-3 times each week, doing so helps to create a deep root system. Lawns with a shallow root system, much like those that don’t receive a proper amount of water, are more likely to become damaged or diseased.

An ideal way to ensure your lawn is consistently receiving the proper amount of water is to install a water-efficient irrigation system. Our experts install and maintain systems for customers throughout the Capital Region so that they are able to economically and efficiently water your lawn. Save time and effort this season and maintain a lush lawn!

To ensure your lawn consistently passes the footprint test, contact us today!