Grub Control & Prevention

grass with grub spots

Lawn grubs, although a delicious delicacy to racoons, skunks and birds, these pesky creatures can wreak havoc on your nice green lawn. The way to treat against grubs is early intervention and steps for prevention. Here are some early signs that you may have a problem:

  • Animals like the ones listed above digging up your yard to dine on infected areas in your lawn.
  • Lawn patches able to be lifted like a carpet. This happens because grubs eat the roots of your grass.
  • Brown patchy spots of dead grass.
  • Your lawn’s turf has started to feel “spongy”.

If you notice any of these signs of grub problems, contact our team of professionals so we can get your lawn back to being the best looking lawn on the block!

Controlling Grubs:

Beetles begin laying eggs in the soil of your lawn in early summer. As the grub’s hatch, they immediately begin to feed on the surrounding plants and roots. They key to controlling grub infestation is to treat them before they hatch in late summer. At Grasshopper Gardens, we customize each fertilization and treatment plan to fit the needs and specific problems with your lawn. By having the professionals at Grasshopper Gardens apply this treatment, taking control of your lawn has never been easier!

Preventing Grubs:

While Grasshopper Gardens has an effective treatment for taking care of grubs once they are present, the best way to save your lawn from damage is to treat your lawn before the grubs even appear. By partnering with Grasshopper Garden professionals, we can come up with a fertilization plan and schedule that will keep your lawn looking great! The benefits of grub prevention go way beyond just having a pest free lawn. By utilizing our fertilization services, it reduces soil erosion and water runoff, helps to control dust, cools your outdoor living space, and increases value of home and property.

For more information on grub control and prevention, contact the professionals at Grasshopper Gardens!