Benefits of a Water-Efficient Irrigation System

water efficient lawn irrigation

To ensure a healthy and thriving landscape homeowners and business owners alike need to water their lawns appropriately. Without a water-efficient irrigation system it is easy to give your lawn an improper amount of water which could lead to you spending more money than necessary on maintaining the health of the landscape.

Water-Efficient Irrigation Benefits

Grasshopper Gardens provides complete irrigation services and can give you the ability to economically water your landscape. Our systems ensure you are using the proper amount of water for an intended period of time so that your landscape stays lush and continues to thrive.

  • Save time:Automated irrigation systems work on their own which gives you the ability to focus on your business or additional aspects of your home.
  • Save money:Our water-efficient irrigation systems pay for themselves in numerous ways; including the money you will save. Homes and businesses without an irrigation system are more likely to underwater or over water their lawns which can lead to diseases and damage to the landscape. The amount of water your landscape requires will depend if it’s an established or new lawn.
  • Save water:The water-efficient irrigation systems that we install and maintain are exactly as they sound – water-efficient. Installing an irrigation system that conserves water while also maintaining a healthy landscape is the ideal solution for any outdoor living space.

Contact Grasshopper Gardens

Our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to install and maintain water-efficient irrigation systems for homes as well as commercial property. We will keep your irrigation system working in optimal condition to ensure the best results for your outdoor living space. Then, when the time comes, our professionals will go through the Fall Shut Down irrigation process to winterize your system. Contact Grasshopper Gardens today to get the installation process started and begin saving time, money, and water this season!