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New Lawns

New Lawn - Sod and Hydro Seeding Lawn Installation in Albany and Saratoga, NY

Albany & Saratoga, NY Sod & Hydro Seeding Lawn Installation | Grasshopper GardensYou can choose from sod or hydro seeding installation when you need a new lawn in Albany or Saratoga, NY. While the seeding method is seen as more cost-effective, sod is ideal when you want quicker results. If you quickly need to spruce up your landscape for a big event or even the sale of the property then sodding enhances curb appeal quickly.

Grasshopper Gardens has installed hundreds of new lawns. We get it done correctly and to your satisfaction, with over 20 years of landscaping experience, trained staff, the latest equipment and an unwavering commitment to top quality work has made us the first choice for landscape installation and maintenance.

Our landscaping design and installation services cover a wide range of needs from new lawns to trees, plantings and hardscapes. You can count on us to give shape to your dream yard.

Hydro Seeding - Lawn Installation

Hydro seeding is often the preferred way to install new lawns. In this method, seed, fertilizer, tackifier, fiber-mulch and water are mixed inside a tank and then sprayed onto the designated area.

    The benefits:

  • Time efficient application.
  • Prevents soil erosion on hillsides and in sloping lawns.
  • Quick germination rates as the fiber helps maintain moisture which promotes faster germination.
  • Nutrient rich slurry promotes a healthier and more vibrant lawn.

Grasshopper Gardens takes the time to ensure that the soil is properly graded and prepped prior to seeding, providing the best conditions for a flourishing lawn. Quality results are of the utmost importance to us. Learn more about the process of new lawn installation with hydroseeding.

Phone 518-793-9623 to schedule a consultation for hydro seeding a new lawn in Albany or Saratoga, NY.

Sod - Lawn Installation

Sod is grass that has already been planted. It comes in sections of grass and soil held together by roots or other materials. If you’re looking for quick installation with positive results then this the ideal way to install your new lawn.

    The advantages:

  • Grows more evenly.
  • Quicker results.
  • Reduces the chances of weeds.

Grasshopper Gardens uses premium quality sod to lay the foundation for a strong and disease-resistant new lawn. We also offer professional lawn care services to keep your grass looking green and fresh. If you would like to learn more, we put together an article that explains the process of new lawn sod installation.

It is important to note that all new lawns need to properly watered and fertilized to thrive.

Request a quote for sod lawn installation in Albany or Saratoga, NY.

Professional Installation of Trees and Plants

High quality plantings from Grasshopper Gardens ensure that your trees, shrubs and plants have healthy beginnings. Our trained and experienced staff will carefully install the plantings, ensuring proper plant depth and plant medium to create a beautiful and flourishing garden.

    Advantages of engaging our services:

  • We offer creative landscape design services including trees, seasonal and perennial flower beds and containers.
  • Our nursery has an extensive choice of plantings, including a variety of local species to meet your individual preferences.
  • We take the time to properly prepare the landscape so that your new lawn, trees and plants have a fertile ground to grow.

Call 518-793-9623 or email us at for new lawn installations, hydro seeding, planting and related services in Saratoga County, NY and the surrounding areas.

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Just a note to say "thank you" and how pleased we were with the work you recently did on our property.  It was a pleasant experience from the start.

-Shelley S.

“Best fall cleanup (or spring cleanup) ever. Not a leaf or pine needle left on my lawn or garden beds. Their work was impeccable. If I was here when they left, I would've tipped them.”

-David O.

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