Add Appeal to Your Landscape with Hardscape and Masonry

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Hardscape and masonry consists of man-made features such as paths, fountains, or patios which creates a more sustainable, stylish landscape while extending your outdoor living space. Our team of professionals has over 20 years of experience with adding hardscape and masonry to landscape designs which will ensure you get the design you desire while enhancing your landscape.

Stone wall and fence

  • Options:

    Natural stone, concrete, stone pavers, wall blocks are only a few of the options you have to create a gorgeous structure in your landscape. They each serve different purposes and bring multiple benefits to the design of your outdoor living space.

  • Function:

    Keep in mind how much traffic your landscape sees and which areas you would consider to be high traffic. Adding hardscape and masonry to these places may be a good idea, depending on your overall idea. If this is what you have in mind, choosing materials that are able to withstand wear and tear is essential.

  • Value:

    By adding hardscape and masonry to your landscape you are creating an extension of your home and enhancing your outdoor living space. By doing so, you are adding more square footage of viable, usable, space to your home; this in turn helps to increase the value of your home.

  • Water Efficiency:

    The addition of hardscape is a great way to combat water waste. Rather than using an abundant amount of water to maintain your landscape, hardscape allows you to reduce the amount of water you would have typically used since there is less grass or plant life to maintain.

  • Protected Against Erosion:

    Something every homeowner needs to think about: the potential for erosion. The addition of pavers, wall stones, or pathways creates a barrier and will protect against erosion for years to come. Adding this form of protection will save you from the hassle, headache, and financial burden that would inevitably come when faced with erosion.

These are only a few of the tips we have to offer, for a full list and to begin your design process, contact Grasshopper Gardens today!