5 Northeast Winter Landscape Tips

northeast winter landscaping

In the Northeast we spend most of our year battling winter winds, snowfall, and temperatures that are often bitter cold. During these months, your landscape still needs care and tending to. Grasshopper Gardens has been providing superior quality care and service to the Capital Region for over 20 years, below is a few of the ways we are able to help maintain your landscape during the winter months!

Make the Most of Warmer Days:

Sometimes during the winter months we’re lucky enough to see a few warmer days, when these are in the forecast, we’re prepared to take advantage of them. Perhaps you weren’t able to take advantage of our fall cleanup services, warmer days creates the perfect time for our professionals to cleanup any piles of leaves or debris that may have been leftover.

Snow Management:

Arguably the most important step of maintaining your landscape during the winter months is snow management. Utilizing the snow removal expertise of our professionals helps to ensure there is no damage to your surrounding trees, plants, or landscape. Additionally, it is advisable to keep salt away trees and plant roots as much as possible. Salt has the ability to desiccate roots which will put the plants in a drought-like state.

Keep Lawn Traffic to a Minimum:

As the snow begins to melt it reveals your grass, which may have become quite brown and stubby during the harsh winter season. At this stage, the landscape lacks the resilience to recover from heavy foot traffic which will make it difficult to prosper.


The trees and shrubs in your landscape need attention during the winter months in order to maintain their health during the spring and summer seasons. Our teams of experts have the knowledge to properly prune your shrubs and trees so that diseased or dead limbs are removed while properly shaping the plant. Properly pruned trees or shrubs have a stronger chance to combat severe weather.

Contact Grasshopper Gardens:

We’ve been providing top quality landscape and snow removal services to the Capital Region for over 20 years. As a family owned and operated business we are committed to giving your landscape the treatment and appearance it deserves. Let our professionals continue to maintain your landscape throughout the winter season. Contact us today to get started!