Easy Ways to Maintain Your Trees in Winter

Person pruning tree

During the winter season, trees fall into a natural state of dormancy to protect themselves from harsh conditions and lack of sunlight. Even though they are dormant, it’s vital to provide them with proper care to ensure they are healthy come spring! At Grasshopper Gardens we know more than just lawn care, we know the importance of maintaining healthy trees all year long! Check out all the easy ways to maintain your trees in the winter!

Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and trimming dead leaves, branches, and fruits off your trees will help rid them of bacteria and insects and can stop the spread of disease to the healthy parts of your trees! Pruning is also a great way to stimulate new growth. Major pruning should be avoided during your trees’ active season as this can cause stress to your tree. Winter is an ideal time for pruning as this dormant period will give your trees time to heal and an extra boost of energy for spring re-growth!

Use of Anti-Desiccant Sprays

Evergreens like boxwood, rhododendron and arborvitae may need special care to prevent winter burn. Spraying these evergreens with anti-desiccants can help them retain moisture throughout the winter. Anti-desiccant sprays work by adding a protective waxy coating to the leaves of broadleaf evergreens, to help slow down water loss through the leaves. In the winter if the ground stays frozen for extended periods of time and moisture loss is significant, the needles or leaves can dehydrate and freeze. Once winter burns appear there is little you can do but wait for new growth. The use of anti-desiccant sprays are a great way to combat that winter freeze.

Wrap Your Trees Up

Giving your trees an extra layer of protection will help them fight off winter winds and damaging conditions! You can use a sheet, tarp, or burlap sack. We recommend wrapping your trees and plants completely from the ground up; it’s a great way to help them trap in warmth and fend off low temperatures and high winds. For smaller shrubs and trees, use a frame when possible so your wrap is not tightly hugging the greenery. For larger trees, ensure that the base of your tree is completely wrapped up until the first main branches!

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