Water Irrigation Shut Down Services

water irrigation diagram

Irrigation systems are an efficient and economical way to ensure your lawn is properly hydrated throughout the warmer months. For an irrigation system to function properly year after year, it should receive regular maintenance, and a proper shut down at the end of warmer months. Contrary to popular belief, there is more to shutting down an irrigation system for the winter than merely turning off the system.

Irrigation System Shut Down Services in the Capital Region

When the leaves begin changing color and falling to the ground, it’s time to schedule an appointment to have your irrigation system prepped for winter and turned off for the season. It is recommended to have your system winterized before the temperature falls below 32˚, or when the area is expecting a hard freeze. Failure to do a proper shut down of the system can lead to severe damage and extensive repairs for the following season. Grasshopper Gardens’ irrigation winterization steps include:

  • Turn Off The Source: The first step completed by our professionals is to turn off the main water line for the property. For most homes, this will be in the basement
  • Clear The Line: Using proper commercial equipment, we ensure there is no water remaining in the pipes, valves, or backflow device.
  • Valve Check: This step ensures the valves on the backflow will allow for expansion and retraction as the temperature fluctuates, while also releasing any condensation that occurs.

The benefits of a water-efficient irrigation system and proper seasonal shut down of your system are insurmountable, and when it comes time to turn your system on in the spring, you’ll be glad you did it.

Our experts have the experience and knowledge your system requires for the proper maintenance and shut down it needs each year. To learn more about our process, and to schedule your winterization, contact us today.