Three Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Stone walkway

Oftentimes, the benefits of exterior lighting is overlooked. At Grasshopper, we believe that outdoor lighting plays a major role in enhancing landscapes. There are many benefits of adding landscape lighting to your design plan,

  1. Appearance

    It goes without saying that lights outside your home will make it more visible to guests (and yourself) who may be searching for it in the dark. You can also use lighting to enhance the appearance of your plants, by strategically pointing them to highlight specific plants that you want to show off, no matter what time of day.

  2. Safety and Security

    Proper lighting outside your home can prevent personal injuries that can occur if a stair, sudden drop-off, or other tripping hazard is not properly seen.

  3. Functionality

    Overall, exterior lighting adds to the overall functionality of outdoor spaces. With a properly illuminated home exterior, you can enjoy your patio for outdoor dining or hosting guests, even after the sun goes down.

Grasshopper Gardens offers lighting options for most any circumstance. For those who want a soft light that will draw attention to a tree, water feature, or other important feature on your property, we can provide you with uplights. Pathlights, on the other hand, are ideal for creating a safe and inviting landscape by illuminating walkways and terraces.

To receive your free estimate and work with Grasshopper Gardens on your own custom lighting plan, contact us today.