Preventing Winter Damage to Your Trees and Shrubs

Pine tree with snow on it

Something that many homeowners or business owners don’t realize is that preparation for a successful spring landscape actually begins with care and preparation during the winter. Frost, high winds, and frigid temperatures can all wreak havoc on your trees and shrubs.

Protect Your Trees and Shrubs During the Winter

While many plants are hardy to our area and can withstand the temperatures, there are other ways the winter months can damage your foliage, especially if it has been planted recently. Before the coldest temperatures set in, ensure that your trees and shrubs are ready for their dormancy period.

1. Watering Schedule:

For newer plants, their root system is not fully developed and should be watered until the first major freeze for the area.

2. Mulch:

Not only does mulch help to increase the curb appeal of your landscape, it also acts as a layer of insulation. This insulation helps to fight against disease brought on by winter weather conditions.

3. Protective Wrap:

Younger trees are more susceptible to becoming a tasty snack for woodland creatures. To prevent damage, it is best to use a protective wrap or barrier around the tree or shrub. Wire, hard plastic, and burlap are all commonly used to protect plants.

Contact Grasshopper Gardens

These are only a few of the steps our landscape professionals can take to protect your trees and shrubs against the harsh winter weather. Contact us today so that we can put together a plan to protect your plants throughout the winter months.

Taking steps now to protect your foliage will help to ensure a lavish lawn that prospers throughout the spring and summer months!