Plan for Spring Landscaping with 5 Tips from Grasshopper Gardens

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5 Tips From Grasshopper Gardens

Throughout the winter months in upstate New York many of us spend our time daydreaming about being outdoors enjoying our landscape and outdoor living space. If you’re thinking of making changes this coming spring or summer, or if you’re looking to enhance your outdoor living space, it’s never too early to begin the planning process.

Understand the Climate:

Upstate New York’s weather can be finicky which means there needs to be a firm understanding of the plants that will thrive and the others that won’t. Additionally, how much sun or shade your landscape receives throughout the daytime hours will need to be taken into consideration. The professionals of Grasshopper Gardens will help you choose the appropriate plants that will be best suited for your landscape.

Plan for Growth:

While going through the design process, it is imperative to keep the size of the plants in mind, especially when deciding where they will be planted in the landscape. Without the proper planning, or execution from a team of experienced professionals, it is easy to overcrowd your plants and landscape.

Consider More Than Plants:

Plants are certainly aesthetically pleasing, but have you considered the addition of hardscape and masonry? The addition of a stone patio or walkway can create an outdoor oasis for you and your guests.

Map the Area:

One of the most important steps in the planning process is to map the area. Our experts will help ensure your dream comes to life while also ensuring its functionality. One of the worst mistakes someone can make is using materials for an installation that will not withstand the high traffic.

Get Inspired:

Oftentimes, people need a little boost when it comes to inspiration. Whether it’s looking to your neighbors to see what they’ve done, browsing through the pages of a magazine or simply visiting our nursery and working with our professionals, inspiration is all around you.

These are only 5 of the many tips the experts of Grasshopper Gardens have to offer. We encourage you to contact us today to begin the planning process for your landscape. Plan today, enjoy later!