January Tips: Get Yourself Ready for Spring Landscape Planning!

Snow covered backyard

It’s the beginning of a new year, and that makes it the perfect time to start planning for your spring landscape! However, before you can start that, you’ll need to make sure your current winter landscape is in order. That way, you can see what is already taken care of and take care of what needs to be done, giving you a clean slate to start planning from!

Here are some landscaping tips for January!

Turn Soil:

If the ground isn’t frozen, now is a great time to turn your soil. Doing so will expose insect eggs to predators and help get rid of them!

Spray Evergreens:

Use a tree/shrub insect control spray to protect your Evergreens from insects.

Don’t Stop Watering:

If there is a lack of rainfall, it’s imperative that you continue to water on a regular basis.


Take care of any pruning for summer trees and other woody plants while they are dormant.

Cut Back Perennials:

If you have any remaining perennials, now is the time to cut them back and clean the area up.

Check Winter Mulch:

If needed, replenish so that it is 3 to 4 inches deep. This will continue to protect your soil from the effects of winter!

Additionally, you can also recycle your Holiday leftovers:

  • Ashes from your fireplace can be used to fertilize alkaline soil plants.
  • Christmas Trees and Wreaths can be used as mulch by cutting the branches off, or you can leave them whole and place them where birds can access them to use as shelter.

By getting these steps out of the way, you’ll have your yard ready for you to start designing!

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