How to Protect Your Trees and Shrubs Throughout The Winter

Snow covered lawn

After Grasshopper Gardens installs new trees and shrubs for our clients, we feel it is important to keep our clients informed about the care they may need throughout the different seasons they will face! Although trees and shrubs stop growing in the winter months as they take a rest before spring, they still require some care to keep them in good condition to continue growing once the weather warms up.

There are the obvious dangers, such as the snow and ice building up and damaging the branches during the winter, and then there are those that are less commonly thought of. For instance, it’s important to consider that during the winter, your trees and shrubs may be sought out by small animals looking for a food source. For this reason, you should consider using tree guards to protect them from small animals who may gnaw on the bark.

Other precautions you can take include:

  • Applying a 3-4 inch layer of insulating mulch around the base of any trees, shrubs, and plants you want to protect.
  • Protect trees from frost cracks with paper tree wraps.
  • Place wood stakes around young evergreen trees, and staple burlap around these stakes, taking care not to let the burlap touch the tree itself.

For additional help securing your young plants, don’t hesitate to contact us!