Fall Lawn Fertilization

fertilizing lawn

Each summer and fall many of us spend as much time as possible outside, notably enjoying the sunshine and fresh air – and of course our lawns. Homeowners and business owners alike need to ensure their lawns stay healthy for a few reasons including improved air quality, heat reduction, and generating oxygen. An important step to making sure your grass stays healthy and vibrant throughout the year is to fertilize.

Importance of Fertilizing in the Fall

With the temperatures beginning to cool, our lawns are relieved of the heat stress and impact of the summer months. This creates the perfect setting for the lawn to regain its strength before the frigid temperatures of the winter season hits. The fall season is the best time to fertilize lawns in the Capital Region because:

    • The dew found on lawns during fall mornings delivers moisture to help the turf absorb the fertilizer.

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    • Supporting healthy root growth in the fall creates a healthier, greener lawn in the spring.

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    • The grass has a chance to build better stamina before the winter temperatures hit.

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Grasshopper Garden’s fertilization treatments are proven to create healthy root systems and grass that thrives. The importance of grass that thrives goes way beyond curb appeal. A lawn that is healthy can:

    • Trap and help control dust.

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  • Reduce soil erosion and water runoff.

When is the Best Time to Fertilize?

Ideally, lawns in Upstate New York should be fertilized at least 2 to 3 weeks before the ground freezes. Our fertilization experts have found that mid to late October has been a successful time for many of the area’s lawns to be fertilized. It is also advisable to fertilize your lawn early in the morning or during the evening hours. Both of which will avoid the warmer temperatures that hinder the fertilization process.

Our lawn technicians can create a custom fertilization program that meets your needs and requirements while also protecting and improving the health of your lawn. Fertilization programs from Grasshopper Gardens are both pest and disease free so that we can maintain the integrity of the surrounding areas. To create your customized fertilization treatment, contact us today!