Does your landscape have a case of the winter blahs?

Red bush

Add some interest with these plants.

Once all the leaves are gone, the landscape can look boring, unless thought has been put into creating all season interest.   Plants can be picked for the bark texture, evergreen color, winter berries and stem color.  Here are a few examples of plants that will add interest to your winter garden.

Red Twig DogwoodBush

In the spring, the Red Twig Dogwood produces clusters of white blooms that have a light fragrance. The dogwood has very pretty, medium green leaves that provide a nice backdrop for annuals and perennials in summer.  In late fall, the leaves will start to change from green to a beautiful, rich coppery purple and then dropping to show off the lovely red bark throughout the winter.


Heritage River Birch’s exfoliating bark, ranging in shades of pink to brown, create visual interest all year round. Beautiful diamond shaped leaves adorn the tree in spring and summer.


A member of the Holly family, Winterberry’s fruit becomes the flower of winter.  An added bonus is the food that they provide for the birds.  The red is really stunning with a backdrop of snow.


While Boxwood and other evergreens are always displaying their green leaves, once all the other plants have lost their leaves, the boxwood take the stage, providing the only color in the winter garden.


The texture of ornamental grasses, especially when frost-bitten or covered in snow, adds interest and movement to an otherwise stiff winter landscape.