Creative Landscape Ideas for your Commercial Property

creative landscaping design

Creative landscaping is a great way to give your property an extra touch of luxury, attract more customers and offer a unique space for your tenants. From proper landscaping and upkeep to building useful features you can change the way your building looks and add value to your property. There are a lot of things to consider when thinking about landscaping.

Here are a few things to think about when planning creative landscape ideas:


It is important to decide how much you want to invest in landscaping for your commercial property. Think about the type of commercial property and what exterior areas play important roles. Take into account what you are trying to accomplish with creative landscaping and how it can benefit your tenants and property.


There are a few key elements to making sure your creative landscaping designs potential is maximized.


  1. Make the Entrance a Priority:
    You want people to visit your business, so make sure your entrance is obvious and welcoming.  One way to accomplish this is with landscaping – bright flowers, lush grasses, stone walls – anything that will draw the eye and direct people into your business.
  1. Use Plants:
    Plants are a great way to compliment the exterior of your building. At Grasshopper Gardens we can assist you in choosing weather-tolerant, low maintenance plants that accentuate the design and create an all-around positive aesthetic. Imagine your business logo in flowers! Or a group of colorful attention-grabbing flowers surrounding the sign for your business. Also, depending on the type of property you own, you may even consider adding an area for a community garden.
  1. Use Outdoor Furniture:
    Outdoor furniture is a great addition to any commercial building. It gives employees and visitors a place to gather and enjoy the fresh air. An outdoor multi use area with benches, outdoor tables, umbrellas and even gas fireplaces can extend the outdoor season. Consider offering wifi and charging stations to outdoor common areas to encourage people to work outside.
  1. Use Decorative Features:
    Fountains, statues, and rock figures are a great way to add character to your property. They can give you an element of creativity and an all-around better look for a building. Stone walkways and walls with flowers provide a pleasant experience encouraging people to spend more time on your property.
  1. Add Lighting for Safety and Décor:
    Be sure to provide plenty of lighting for your property. Outdoor lighting will illuminate your commercial property at night and provide safety for your employees and tenants. At Grasshopper Gardens we offer many different lighting solutions including:
    • Uplighting: When the light is pointed up towards a tree or bush, it creates a dramatic effect and bold shadows. It will also emphasize the contrast of dark shadows of a tree or architectural structure.
    • Pathlights: This lighting option is ideal for illuminating walkways and terraces.
    • Downlighting: To create gentle lighting that illuminates the area beneath a structure or tree while still adding a level of security, downlighting will be an option to consider.


Be sure that the items you consider are climate friendly. In the Northeast it is important that your landscaping items and plants are made to last cold winters, ice and snow. Grasshopper Gardens can help advise you on which products hold up best in winter.

Here at Grasshopper Gardens we specialize in creative landscaping design. We can help you choose the best elements to get the most out of the exterior of your commercial property. Let us help you create a warm, welcoming environment for your clients and maximize the potential of your property. Contact us today for landscaping in Albany, NY, and surrounding areas.